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Tremetrics AR993

Tremetrics AR993 Mini Sound Room

AR993 Occupational Sound Test Enclosure. A modular, portable sound booth allowing for great flexibility in a variety of test environments..

  • Fully preassembled and ready to plug into host room outlet
  • Four (4) swivel, (2) lockable casters for easy movement through doorways and around corners
  • Jack panel with 8 1/4 inch stereo connectors
  • 2 USB ports
  • 1 network/ethernet jack with through hole for cables
  • Silenced vent system with rheostat to control airflow
  • Passes through any standard width door
  • Built in light
  • Optional hinged shelf


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In-wall 2 in (50 mm) ventilation system

23 in (584 mm) W x 23 in (584 mm) H double glazed square framed window

Universal left-hand or right-hand hinge door


Exterior Dimensions
42 in W x 30 in D x 75 in H (1067 mm x 762 mm x 1905 mm)

Exterior Finish
Durable powder coat finish, standard grey

Interior Dimensions
38 in W x 26 in D x 68 in H (965 mm x 660 mm x 1727 mm)